WHO is God?

A response to message: Ten Commandments Controversy - America Founded on Judaic-Christian Priniciples

From: "ricky"
To: edwardtbabinski.us
Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2003 9:47 AM
Subject: WHO is G-d?

Gloria, I can see that you, like myself, are searching for the true G-d, because, for all these years, you have been inundated with conflicting information that has you confused and uncertain. Let me relate a true story of something that happened to me just last week that should help you find an answer.

For the past 35 years I have been an absolute atheist. Raised a Roman Catholic, I, of course, began to question the veracity of the scriptures and the authenticity of the new testament. It has been my belief that the story of Jesus was the greatest hoax perpetrated on mankind in all of history. NOBODY could convince me I was wrong. With this in mind, last week, Monday, September 15, I was checking out the stocks, looking for something to buy low and sell high, watching CNBC, when I realized it was time to take my granddaughter to the schoolbus, which has become a daily ritual for me. Before I disconnected from the trading site I said to G-d, "Father, I TRULY believe that YOU are the one true G-d and Jesus was not your son. I believe that Christians, believing otherwise, are breaking the first commandment. If I am on the right path, and YOU are the one TRUE G-d, please send me a sign...mess up my computer; leave a message across the screen....ANYTHING to give me a sign that I am on the right path."

I, then, shut down, went over to my son's house and picked up my granddaughter. After she wasdriven off, I returned home and returned to the very same website I had been on, only THIS time I couldn't submit a buy order, I couldn't browse, couldn't send or recieve EMail...in other words, my computer had gone haywire.

I packed up my equipment to take it to a computer expert to have it purged of this virus, and, later that night I was washing the supper dishes. My wife was gone, playing Bingo, and, as I rinsed a glass, with the TV on in the backround, I said aloud, "Well, G-d, I guess you showed me."

IMMEDIATELY, one of the characters, I think it was a woman, (and I really don't know what was being shown on the channel, or even WHICH channel I had on) said, "That's what you asked for, Ricardo". I know you must think I'm some lunatic, but the fact that I found your website should convince you that, since I experienced those two miracles, I have done little except try to find out whether this was truly a connection to the one, true G-d. Take it for what it's worth. I swear that EVERY word I have written here is the absolute truth. As hard as it is to go contrary to the Christian faith, I am CONVINCED now that the Jews and the Muslims might just be correct in their assertions that Jesus was no more than a man and that G-d is angry that this carpenter has been given a status
he does not deserve.

What do YOU think?

From: Gloria M.
To: edwardtbabinski.us
Sent: Sunday, September 28, 2003 9:44 AM
Subject: Re: Hello

I read, with interest, your miracle, and certainly will not argue with your interpretation.......except........when I read:
"later that night I was washing the supper dishes."

Now we all know that male/washing dishes do not belong in the same sentence. What planet did you say you live on?

Just joking, I also, have a husband who washes dishes - (lucky me) -

Now for your question: What do YOU think?

You know 'Ricky' it is not for me to question your interpretation of an experience that you call a 'miracle'. I will share with you that my computer crashed last year, and it did not occur to me to put a 'God did it' interpretation on it. - and I will say that I disagree with your characterization of God as 'angry' - (amused, maybe), but we've got to stop attributing to God all these negative human emotions - Isn't it amazing he has not sued for defamation of character a long time ago?

Sincerely, Gloria, ss (struggling soul)

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