Leaving the Fold - Additional Testimonies

Additional Testimonies of those who've left the Fold
by Edward T. Babinski

It was mentioned here and at Victor Reppert's Christian philosopher's blogsite that former Christian Gareth McCaughan had left the fold and had composed an intelligent and calmly worded testimony about having done so. (Gareth and Vic used to discuss Vic's philosophical arguments in a British usenet group back when Gareth was still a Christian.) I recently heard from Gareth that a friend of his, Paul Wright, left the fold before he did and that Wright had composed a testimony of similar intellectual equipose that can be read here.

From : Gareth McCaughan
Speaking of UK atheists on the web, you might like to take a look at Paul Wright, a friend of mine who preceded me into apostasy.

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Testimonies of Two Who Left the Fold: Paul Wright and Gareth McCaughan

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