Fifty Bucks to prove Evolution is a Lie

In reference to the Kent Hovind 50 cents Challenge

Hello, my name is Anna and i just found out that your offering 50 bucks to anyone that can prove that evolution is a lie. Well first of all let me ask you a simple question. Do you belive in evolution? personally i DO NOT!!!!!! There is a very simple , but true answer. God created the heveans and the earth and all living things. you are probably thinking that im another one of those people who think that they know it all, but i dont. but i do know that God created me and that i didnt come from some bubbling mass of chemical soup. now scince i told you what i know, it would be great if you could write back and tell me what you think know.

From: Edward T. Babinski
To: Anna
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004
Subject: Re: Fw: hello Edward

ED: Hello Anna,

A brief note, but if it wasn't for the "bubbling masses of chemical soup" inside the cells of your own body, you wouldn't be alive right now, certainly not physically. And if it wasn't for the simple oxygen atom, drawn in through your nostrils, you'd likewise be unconscious or worse right now.

And in fact, creation keeps evolving...

According to the Bible, God made the stars on the fourth day of creation. Even more remarkable is the fact that He is creating them still, though the latter miracle is considered not worth mentioning by any of the Bible's authors. (I wonder why? The creation of new stars is being chronicled continually in magazines and journals like Astronomy, Sky & Telescope and The Astrophysical Journal, just to name a few.)

And God is still creating new planets (that continue to form out of rings of matter circling stars -- see the above mentioned magazines).

And God is still fusing simple hydrogen atoms together inside stars to create other elements with greater proton and electron numbers (the heaviest known elements are created during super nova explosions of stars).

And God is still creating large multi-cellular organisms out of a single cell that keeps dividing over and over by a process called embryogenesis.

And God is still transforming mere water and inorganic minerals into increasingly larger populations of tiny living microorganisms since those microorganisms live off of mere water and inorganic minerals and turn those inorganic things into more members of their own species. That what keeps the "food chain" going, since all life depends on the daily transformation of the simplest of molecules (water and inorganic minerals) into living microorganisms. So, if you include the food chain leading from the simplest organisms to man, God is still turning inorganic matter into human beings (and turning oxygen molecules into "the breath of life" every time we inhale).

Yet creationists argue that aside from the creation of new stars, new planets, the diversification of elements out of mere hydrogen inside those stars, the turning of simple inorganic matter into an array of living organisms that keep increasing in number and branching off into new species [creationists admit the speciation occurs] -- aside from all of that -- they claim that evolution is "prohibited by the second law of thermodynamics." I'd say they are missing the forest for the trees which by the way, continue to grow from tiny seeds; trees that become forests that continue to reach out and envelop as much of the earth as they can, and whose members continue to branch off (forgive the pun) into new species as they do so.

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