Leaving The Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists

Leaving the Fold by Edward T. Babinski
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Paperback: 462 pages
Publisher: Prometheus Books (June 30, 2003)
Language: English




1. What You Should Know About Fundamentalism

2. Fundamentalism's Grotesque Past

3. Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists Who Are Now Moderate Evangelical, Liberal, or Ultra-Liberal Christians
  • Dewey M. Beegle: Journey to Freedom
  • David Coffin: Fundamentalism: A Blessing and a Curse
  • Harvey Cox: An Ecumenical/ Evangelical Dialogue
  • Tom Harpur: Heaven and Hell
  • Conrad Hyers: The Comic Vision
  • Dennis Ronald MacDonald: From Faith to Faith
  • David Montoya: The Political Disease Known as Fundamentalism
  • Marlene Oaks: O1d Time Religion Is a Cult
  • Robert M. Price: Beyond Born Again
  • Arch B. Taylor, Jr.: The Bible, and What It Means to Me
  • Mike and Karla Yaconelli: Behind the Wittenburg Door

4. Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists Who Are Now Adherents of Non-Christian Spiritualities
  • William Bagley: Reflections on a Christian Experience
  • Ernest Heramia: The Thorn-Crowned Lord/The Antler-crowned Lord

5. Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists Who Are Now Agnostics

6. Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists Who Are Now Atheists
  • Dan Barker: Losing Faith in Faith
  • M. Lee Deitz: My Conversion from Fundamentalism
  • Timothy William Grogan: Lies, Damn Lies, and Boredom
  • Jim Lippard: From Fundamentalism to Open-ended Atheism
  • Harry H. McCall: "Who Do Men Say That I Am?"
  • David N. Stamos: Why I Am Not a New Apostolic
  • Howard M. Teeple: I Started to Be a Minister
  • Frank R. Zindler: Biography

7. Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists Who Played Major Roles in Liberalizing the Religion of Their Day
  • John William Colenso: The Heretic
  • Robert G. Ingersoll: Why I Am an Agnostic
  • Charles Francis Potter: Thee Preacher and I
  • Henry Preserved Smith: The Heretic's Defense

Appendix A: The Pentateuch and Book of Joshua Critically Examined by J. W. Colenso

Appendix B: The "Roman Road to Salvation" or the "Synoptic Road to Salvation"? Belief or Ethics?

Appendix C: Assorted Quotations that Address Various Aspects of Fundamentalism

Appendix D: A List of Additional Testimonies by Former Fundamentalists and Related Resources


Leaving the Fold - Additional Testimonies

A List of Women Who Leave The Fold - Women Speak Out

note of thanks

From: Becky Shankle
To: Ed Babinski


I started reading your book Leaving the Fold this week, and I have to extend a GIGANTIC thank you for writing and getting it published! I'm so relieved that someone out there is using their brain to combat the wrapped-around-the-axles logic that fundamentalists employ rountinely. I've found it very difficult to even have a rational conversation with these people, so I don't. They are so busy quoting the Book they don't listen, and are extremely defensive! I got the book primarily to understand my born again sister, and am hoping she'll return from the obssession at least in part someday. There are several others I run into regularly (I live in NC, and my Dad lives in Greenville SC) it will help me to deal with as well.

Thanks so very much for being bold enough to put it out there. I can just imagine the hate mail you must get! So count mine on the good stack. :)

Becky Shankle
Raleigh NC

From: "Harry N."
To: Edward T. Babinski
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2003 9:20 AM
Subject: Leaving the Fold


I recently got my hands on a used copy of your book "Leaving the Fold" and have to say it is really an outstanding collection of the experiences of the individual authors. It's also a big plus reading the experiences of people who have spent years studying Christianity and the Bible from all angles and being able to tap into their knowledge. As I've come to learn over the last many months doing my own "seeking", it can be a daunting task to review the historical context of the time, the competing mystery religions etc etc.

Anyways thanks for a great book

best regards

Hi Ed. I love your book. Are you considering a sequel? I notice your book calls testimony a powerful force for those leaving the fold. But don't you feel that folks in your book also want to give their testimony so they could at least attempt to come to terms with why the did what they did and why they thought what they thought? I know that I'm haunted by my religious past every day. If I were to write my own testimony that would certainly be part of my motivation. Anyway, congrats on a great book.
P. Stromberg
Pacific Northwest Skeptics

Mr. Babinski, I read "Leaving The Fold" a couple of months ago and found it extremely helpful and fun to read. I want to personally thank you for putting together such a book. What do you do these days? Write, lecture, or teach? Thank you for your time,

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  1. I loaned my copy to a Sunday School teacher. I never got it back.