Unitarian Universalists

The famous Unitarian Univeralist, Hosea Balloh, once told a fundamentalist minister, "The difference between us is that YOU are trying to keep people out of hell, while I am tryiing to keep hell out of people."

Charles Francis Potter was a famous Unitarian Minister of the largest Unitarian church that probably every existed in New York City. Potter was also a former fundamentalist and as a Unitarian Minister debated the famous Baptist Fundamentalist minister, Stratton for three nights in CARNEGIE HALL in the 1920s. Potter also coached Clarence Darrow on Bible stuff to quiz Will Jennings Bryan on the stand at the Tennessee "Monkey Trial," and even was the author of that famous line in the trial that created a huge commotion, when Darrow asked Bryan "It says in the Bible that the snake was cursed to go on his belly, how did he travel before that? By hopping on his tail?"

Potter's story is told at length in a chapter of my book, Leaving the Fold: Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists.

The most famous Universalist of recent fame and who has written some wonderful small books is Dr. Church of the Unitarian church in New York, which I believe used to be Potter's. Dr. Church has written wonderful books like The Devil and Dr. Church, and, The Seven Deadly Virtues, which examine the excesses of religion and Biblical interpretation, and also inspire one with great true tales of non-denominational saintliness and forgiveness.

The only problem with the Unitarians in my town is that I live in the South and their worship service seems styled after that of Baptist services, which to me are just dull. In fact, I enjoy hearing a good lecture over singing dull Unitarian all-inclusive language hymns to God.

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